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Hello to all of you who have stumbled upon my blog!

I am aware it is currently quite bare and this will soon change, once I begin to understand WordPress a little better.

Ever since I was small I wanted to be a costume designer like Edith Head. However my parents insisted I get my “read, writing, rithmatic” out of the way first and somehow that has led me to a job in insurance. This means that I definitely need a creative outlet as my work can get me quite down in the dumps at time!

And so I sew. I’m actually terrible about sewing clothes that I can wear day to day… Where would I find the time when I have so many pretty costumes to wear?!? Maybe one day I will follow my dream and study costume design but for now I’m happy just to sew costumes for myself and friends and just once in a blue moon, a client.

I invite you to have a look around at some of my projects, please feel free to comment and offer advice or even admiration. I’m keen to get in contact with more costumers and learn from you! I’m almost entirely self taught, and have learnt mainly through trial and error so it just proves, even if you’ve never sewn before there is no time like the present to start!

Happy browsing 🙂


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