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Chimera Progress Report – 1 Down

I need to start getting faster at each of these as my to do list is still far too long! I technically have 9 days till show time but I know that I have a few commitments in that time.

But I am happy to at least have the majority of one dress down.

long image

Its pretty basic at this point as the arrangement I have with my friend Genny is that I will do the sewing/construction and she will be in charge of all the accessorizing.

This dress has a few quirks. I asked another friend to cut out the fabric using a tutorial (I have since lost the link) that used your measurement to help you draft a loose pattern. However somewhere along the way the waist got waaaay smaller than it should have. To correct this I had to put in diamond gores so that she could actually get it in. Unfortunately because this was just cut freehand and I’m on a tight time budget, the extra pieces haven’t always gone in quite perfectly and the seams don’t sit quite flat. If this outfit gets a second airing then I will definitely take it apart and sew them correctly.

Thankfully I don’t feel too bad about this as the main fabric was a repurposed bed sheet that I had bought from a charity store that only cost me $4. The velvet was a small piece that I picked up on trade me for $7 thinking it was a steal and then when it came I realised just how small it was!

short image

The collar and cuffs are made of a very dark green velvet. This was only the second time that I have sewn with velvet and the other time was using a cheap polyester version. I simultaneously love and hate working with this gorgeous fabric. It is so forgiving if your stitches aren’t quite right as it just gets lost in the plush. This is good because the nature of velvet means that the fabric can be slip-sliding all over the place! To escape, I hand sewed the sleeves on but for the collar as it was getting late in the evening I machine stitched it and I think the results are evident!

Over all I’m not exactly proud of this gown due to the rush but I’m definitely happy to have got one of the dresses out of the way!

Next up will be my own medieval banquet gown. I think I will do it for the HSF as it is plausible that it could be based on a robe.


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I'm 21 years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand and I have a confession, I absolutely love costumes!

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