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Chimera – 2 Weeks and 4 costumes to go

On the weekend of the 30th August – 1st September, I will be joining 180 like minded fellows for NZ’s biggest annual LARPing convention, Chimera. For the un-initiated, it’s just like period reenactment but the scenarios aren’t always historic. You become your character and try to make all the decision based upon what they would do. There are a range of games types/styles but I generally prefer the historical ones so I can get my sew-on!

At this years Chimera, I will be playing in 4 games with a costume for each as well making 2 costumes for my good friend Genny.

I will be reusing 2 costumes from previous events and making 4.

They are as follows (with inspiration images)-

Tesla’s Wedding – Saturday Morning

Character – Lucia Shiningstar

Theme : Steampunk inspired 1880s

Costume: Jacket, waistcoat, underskirt, overskirt, petticoat, bustle and corset

To Do List

  • Buttonholes on waistcoat
  • Add ruffles to petticoat
  • Create underskirt
  • Create overskirt
  • Bling it up – Genny

 Love the asymmetry!

The Rose and the Dragon – Saturday Eve  

Character Lady Elaine Thamesly

Theme: Medieval Noblewoman circa 1220

Costume: Underdress, overdress, headdress

 To Do List

  • Make underdress
  • Make overdress
  • Make headdress
  • Add appropriate trim

Overdress and underdress for 13th century

Genny is playing an Steampunk Able Airman in the first game so we are making her the coat from Simplicity 2172 

And she will also be my handmaiden for the flagship event the Rose and the Dragon so we will be making her a kirtle and headdress as well. (Just imagine the dress below has been ironed)

For Genny

The HSF will be on a back burner unless I can make a few of them line up. I have been sewing furiously for a week but still have much to do!


About aftermartha

I'm 21 years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand and I have a confession, I absolutely love costumes!

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