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Belated HSF Challenge #9 – Flora and Fauna

In my quiet time, I did finish off a UFO project, my 1860s day dress that I started over a year ago.

1860s close up 1860s

The crinoline era was my first costuming love but recently I’ve found it hard to get excited about it so while I’m not overly proud of the dress I’m actually quite proud to have this off the unfinished pile!

I started on a making the dress using Simplicity 2887. Unfortunately I had to piece the sleeves which made them hang quite oddly. I ended up altering them to be more of a three-quarter sleeve which is still period correct, as long as there are some white cotton sleeves (I will leave this for another time). I lost the pattern after cutting out the fabric for the dress so I had to draft the collar on my own.

I also did something odd when cutting out the skirt (what that was I am unsure) and that doesn’t make it hang as smoothly as I like. Does anyone have any tips? Maybe weighting them hem a bit?

I’ll post some more pictures as I’m going to get some shots in the park near my house if its sunny this weekend. Hopefully this will make it look better given my mannequin is about half my size.

The Challenge: Flora and Fauna

Fabric: A love lightweight cotton print

Pattern:  Simplicity 2887 with alterations + self drafted collar

Year:  Early 1860s

Notions: Hand covered buttons (this was my first time doing it and I wasn’t impressed with my efforts), interlining

How historically accurate is it? About an 8/10 for pattern, and significantly less for construction techniques. The blog of the designer says that while it based on an extactent pattern, there have been some changes to accomodate the modern sewer. Also without the sleeves, it makes it much less accurate. As is my style, I machine sewed the vast majority of this.

Hours to complete: This has been lying in a heap for so long, and I had so many false starts on finish it that I can’t even guess.

First worn:  Still not been worn yet 😦 hopefully this weekend though

Total cost: NZ$5 for the buttons, the cotton was from my stash but from memory is was about $7, so about $40 all up.


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I'm 21 years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand and I have a confession, I absolutely love costumes!

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  1. Hi Sweets, Good Job. Can you add Auntie Sue to your Blog! Miss you Love


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