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Monthly Archives: April 2013

3 Month Check In

In my New Years Resolution post I was determined to change my slacker ways. Like most New Years resolutions this fallen by the wayside a bit but lately I’ve been trawling the costume blogs and getting inspired by some amazing pieces that I can only dream of one day acomplishing! Here is how I’ve done over the last 3 and a bit months

1. Finish my Regency day dress


In a way I feel like I should cross this off because I have realised that unfortunately I have put on some weight since I created this and it’s now way too small. Hopefully the bridal diet will help with things but I think I want to start from scratch on a new dress I know will fit. I will probably try to guide my best friend to creating her first historical garment (that wasn’t cobbled together with op shop pieces) by giving her this to start with.

2. Make a pair of Edwardian Stays

So happy with these! This was the big project that I got done in this time period but it just showed how much I normally procrastinate. I got this done in two weeks using just the weeknight evenings after work.

2013-01-14 21.53.02


3. Edwardian Dress

Ummm not so much….

4. 18th Century Stays

I haven’t completed this but I’m not feeling to bad about this as I did create some 18th century paniers instead. I like the big hip look 😉

Child bearing hips...

Child bearing hips…

5. 18th Century Dress

Don’t tell anyone but I did get this done. The reason why there is no mention of it on the blog is I absolutely hated it. I tried to drape it but it turns out, I am quite terrible at it!!! I wore it to an event in shame as I had nothing else to wear but now it is hidden in my closet where I don’t have to look at it. My plan is to order the simplicity robe a la francais pattern and use that as I really don’t want to waste the fabric!

6. Victorian (Crinoline) Day Dress


7. A Late Victorian Bustle Dress

Again another half completed one because I have completed the bustle. I love my lobster tail and am even considering incorporating it in my wedding dress! On the dress side, I’ve bought the fabric. That counts… right?

Side view

Side view

I don’t think I’ve done too badly given last years accomplishments. I have a whole load of undergarments that I’m quite happy with but I need to start working on garments. To be honest, I’m avoiding them because I’m scared of making mistakes! It’s a lot less pressure when you’re just using thrifted bedsheets. The one time I did try a dress that I’d been looking forward to (and hoarding fabric for a year for) I messed it up completely. Unfortunately I don’t think that I’m at the sewing level where I can deviate massively away from a bought pattern. On the up side – yay more patterns to buy!

I hope everyone else has had a fairly productive 2013!