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HSF Challenge # 2 – UFO is Finished. Sorta.

A friend rightly commented last week that there is an ebb and flow to sewing/costuming. This challenge came at an ebb (?) time. For this last week I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and the week before that was just very busy. All of this is just a long winded excuse to say is that I didn’t complete the crinoline. But because I wanted to have something to present for the HSF, I turned it into a petticoat. (Note – this was done yesterday by the deadline but I didn’t get around to posting)

A little bit narrower than a crinoline...

A little bit narrower than a crinoline…

I’m not exactly pleased with it but given that my historical wardrobe doesn’t have a single petticoat and this will be a good all rounder that can work for a few eras.

Wonky hem....

Wonky hem….

Just the facts ma’am..

The Challenge: To get something off our unfinished objects pile

Fabric: Again, thrifted bedsheets. Not classy but it works

Pattern: Simplicity 9764. I used the pattern meant for a crinoline, just changed the waist to a draw string so a few friend would be able to wear it.

Year: The crinonline would have been 1860s but now it could range. This could go over a crinonline or under a range of different eras to bulk it up a bit.  

Notions: I added hem from my stash which is a bit wonky in places. I think it was originally removed from something else (its like 10m though so I’m not sure what from) and the person who removed it didn’t cut very straight….

How historically accurate is it? I haven’t actually done much research on undergarmets but I’d say very. Petticoats have been worn for hundreds of years to get different shapes!

Hours to complete:  Probably about 4/5? But they were very interspressed with procrastinating and being sick.

First worn:  I’m getting around to it… 

Total cost: NZD$8 for the sheets

As I said, this isn’t a garment which I’m proud of but now that its done, I’m happy its in my wardrobe. One of the points the Dreamstress makes is that just like our Tshirts today, people of the past wore simple items like this with far more regularity than elaborate ball gowns.

Another challenge done! I hope the rest of the challengers were a bit happier with the results!


About aftermartha

I'm 21 years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand and I have a confession, I absolutely love costumes!

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  1. It’s great! I love the idea of using bedsheets. So much material!

    Are you enjoying HSF? I was thinking about hopping on board but I’m not always great with deadlines.

    • Exactly! And they can be picked up super cheap. Its my favorite material for undergarments 🙂

      I really am enjoying the HSF. I’m terrible with deadlines myself which is why its perfect. Its not like school where you’ll be deducted marks, its self policing so you only have yourself to answer to. I’ve been very happy with my results, I would have never been so productive without it!


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