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HSF Challenge 2# UFO – Victorian Crinoline

I think the next project I shall work on is a Victorian crinoline that I first whipped together for my girlfriend about 6 months ago.

Somehow I don't think those neon colours are correct for the period...

Somehow I don’t think those neon colours are correct for the period…

I created the above set literally an hour before we walked out the door hence why it looked like it did. I’ll be interested in doing a proper version of this using Simplicity 9764 as I’m considering making an absolutely massive set to go under a proposed ball gown using TV453 and I want to see if the boning I have will be strong enough.

I started cutting out the fabric but I used quite a multitude of colours (well just a buttercup yellow and white) since I thought no one would ever see it. However now that it will be up on the blog and part of the HSF I suppose I shall have to make it up properly. *Sigh* I am already dreading sewing in the bone channels. Whenever I’m working with crinolines I always wish sewing machines had the equivalent of cruise control!


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I'm 21 years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand and I have a confession, I absolutely love costumes!

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  1. That pattern looks good for crinolines. The closest thing I have ever made is 18th century paniers (in the form of a petticoat). Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

    • I saw your paniers! They are lovely! If you want to make a new set then the Dreamstress currently has a paniers-along. I want to get round to making an 18th century outfit, but I’m trying to finish all my current projects before launching into a new era!

    • (it wouldn’t allow me to reply to your reply) I downloaded the sense and sensibility chemise and stays patten as I was too wimpy to draft my own an I hope to start that tomorrow 🙂 I hope it will compare yours!

      • I am sure it will! To be honest, I was constantly emailing my sister (who had used that same pattern) to check what she had done for hers, just to make sure mine was “right”! Hope it goes well.

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