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Edwardian Corset is Done

My first Historical Fortnightly Challenge is done! I’m so proud! It may be a bit late but it still meets the deadline which is one of the good things about also being in the NZ time zone.

2013-01-14 21.54.58 2013-01-14 21.53.08 2013-01-14 21.53.02 2013-01-14 21.52.53

I shortened the bones in the front and didn’t add the hooks and eyes as they would just rip as soon as I sit down. I added some trim but a word to the wise, pay attention when sewing. I sewed the trim on each side (quite difficult for me as I always find pinning tedious) only to realise I sewn them on opposite sides!

Photo on 2013-01-14 at 19.28


Thank you Dreamstress for running this. Without this challenge this corset would have take months! I just wish I had a better camera so could snap a few better shots. Its a good start to my sewing year šŸ™‚ And because a corset will only temporarily reduce my waist line, I also went for my first run of the year this evening! Hence the reason for the late posting…

I think 2013 is looking pretty good. How did everyone else’s first challenge go?

Edit – adding the Facts, Ma’am!

The Challenge: An Edwardian corset that could have been worn in 1913.

Fabric: Don’t judge but its made out of bed sheets that were thrifted. It was a nice tight weave so perfect for a corset.

Pattern:Ā Festive Ayttre’s 1910 corset pattern

Year:Ā 1910

Notions: Black bias tape, 40 ish eyelets, black lace trim and cord.

How historically accurate is it? Very. Festive Ayttre’s pattern is based upon a 1910s corset she purchased.

Hours to complete: Hard to say (I’ll keep better track next time) but about 6-8 hours

First worn:Ā  Around my apartment šŸ˜›

Total cost: Everything was from my stash so no outlay. Yay! I’m very cheap so this makes me quite happy.


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I'm 21 years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand and I have a confession, I absolutely love costumes!

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  1. I like these! I have the material to make myself an Edwardian gown, but first I need to attempt the corset. It is on my long list of costuming things to do! Hopefully the HSF will help me get some of them done this year.


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