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Over the Weekend Progress….

This weekend was pretty good in terms of work on my HSF challenge piece. I got all my pieces cut out neatly (more on why this is such an acheievement later), sewed up and partially boned. All in all, I’d say its looking pretty good!

My mannequin is a LOT smaller than me....

My mannequin is a LOT smaller than me….

I love having a tutorial like Festive Attyre offers. I learn so much while creating a garment. In the previous corset I made, I didn’t top stich any of the seams. I did in this one and it really seems to have improved the strength. Also one of my biggest mistakes in my first corset was not to the space between the eyelets and the end seem. In my Victorian corset this meant that there was a lot of unsightly streching… Live and learn!

corset on me
This picture shows me with the corset on but unfortunately I couldn’t find any laces so just had to use a piece of cord that only laced up less than half the corset, hence my hips flapping freely.

Excited about how this is coming along!


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I'm 21 years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand and I have a confession, I absolutely love costumes!

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  1. It’s looking so good! I’m getting ready to start my first corset and I’m terrified. Can’t wait to see your progress!


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