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New Years Resolutions….

I have a confession to make. I am a procrastinator. There, I’ve said it. And let me tell you, I feel a lot better about it now that we’ve got it out in the open. The odd thing is that I only procrastinate when there is no one else around the house. They don’t even have to be in the same room as me but just knowing theres a human being who could pop in at any moment and ask how I’m going prompts me to action.

What I’ve read on a lot of blogs whether they are to do with sewing, frugalness or just totally random ones is that putting up a to do list can be very inspiring! Of course I don’t have a lot in the way of readers to be accountable to but I feel like it might help anyways. I actually started this list in September but it just sat in my drafts till now – proving my very point! Anyways here is the list of things I want to get done in 2013…

1. Finish my Regency day dress

Faaaar to big for my mannequin…

This was the very first ever historical costume I tried to make. I was quite proud of how far I got but I didn’t have fabric for the skirt and at that time I didn’t really know much about where to buy fabric or what types to use (the latter I still just wing!) so it just got pushed aside. Now I have been inspired to finish it off.

2. Make a pair of Edwardian Stays

I had indented to do a full edwardian outfit to coincide with the Titanic celebrate but that along with my planned dinner never eventuated. (I’m realizing that I’m seem to be quite an uncommitted person) but lets see if we can’t get something done by the next anniversary. First to start with the underpinnings…

If I’m not feeling accurate I’ve heard of some people using a zipper – would save on having to import busks from Aussie!

3. Edwardian Dress

I’ve gotten a pattern and fabric for this and everything. No excuses! Well except the needing to get the corset done first…

4. 18th Century Stays

This ties in with wanting to do an 18th century dress which I have been wanting to do for years. Ralph Pink has a number of free corset patterns available but these do require a bit of photoshop skill to resize (thats what I have a techie boyfriend for I suppose). They also come with no instructions so may have to do a bit of winging!

5. 18th Century Dress

I will probably devote a whole post to deciding which pattern to use. There are just so many amazing styles in this era.

6. Victorian (Crinoline) Day Dress

This is the only one that has a set date on when it needs to be done by. I’ll need to have a completed ensemble by the end of October. I have a dress I started but I just cannot seem to get the arms to fit properly so I may need to scrap it and start afresh. I want the skirt to either be tiered or use this Greek Key technique from the Dreamstress that would take hours but look great. I have since found this dress which I just LOVE but I will probably need to borrow a friend to help me draft out the bodice.

7. A Late Victorian Bustle Dress

After watching the new Christmas Doctor Who episode (with this rather nice dress), it made me really want to work on a dress from this era. Of course this project would also need to include the under pinnings as well so should probably get my current unfinished projects done.


I’m giving myself 3 months from today and then I will go through one by one and see how far I’ve gotten! I don’t expect it to be all done but I need to get my fingers into gear! 

I hope that all my fellow sewers have had a good year and that 2013 will be as productive as we want it to be!


About aftermartha

I'm 21 years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand and I have a confession, I absolutely love costumes!

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