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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Victorian Evening

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Tonight was the night it all came together. My Victorian Ball Gown finally got its big debut after at least 6 months after I started it. This was an event organised by my friend and set in 1862 I believe. There were a number of lovely dresses and there was even one lady who had made her dress from the same pattern as I! But we had taken different routes (her’s was better constructed for starters!) so many people who we pointed it out to hadn’t even noticed. We were quite proud of our efforts. Unfortunately Genny did not have a petticoat so her skeleton hoops which I whipped up in under an hour showed through quite badly. The lowest one was also slightly to big for her dress so when we got to the event I had to hike it up a bit hence why it was a bit wonky for most of the evening.

Unfortunately my camera phone didn’t do a stellar job…

The much better constructed dress of the same pattern

You can see in this picture the varied levels of costuming

All credit for the non-shakey picture go to Scott Marks


Op Shop Victorian

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My best friend Genny and I went to a Victorian evening and so she needed a dress, now Genny is only learning to sew and I didn’t feel like making something from scratch. So we pulled together this awesome find from an op shop (NZ slang for a charity or second hand store)

Which I’m pretty sure was only $10. And decided to compile it with this dress which I was given a long time ago by a dear family friend for playing dress up when I was younger. Clearly I never grew out of that stage…

And heres what it looks like with a crinoline on… Somehow she looks incredibly short in all of these pictures! The finished dress looked pretty awesome but as it was literally made from start to finish within 4 hours (including a whipped together crinoline and getting our toilette done), there are definitely a few things we will improve on!

Somehow I don’t think those neon colours are correct for the period…