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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Wet Adhesive Tape Dress Form

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So I’m not the skinniest gal at the dance and my dress form is a few sizes too small for me. I’m too poor to afford a new one and definitely too poor for one of the adjustable ones! So I found a tutorial on how to make my own. I didn’t go with the duct tape route as I didn’t want to loose a T-shirt in the process so I made mine with wet adhesive tape. It was a painful process! The human body isn’t designed to stay standing in the same position for nearly 2 hours and my back was aching. I have my very patient friend Genny to thank for the final product.


Early stages…


Finishing stages…


This will go over my normal dress form and with some padding on the inside and then I can use my mannequin for both my slender friends and on myself. If I can get myself to the gym, I hopefully won’t need it!