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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Titanic Project

I watch a lot of Downton Abbey and all those dresses just have me constantly drooling! I’ve been wanting an excuse to make a teens dress and so, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of sinking of the Titanic, I will be hosting a period dinner. Theres only one catch, I have to make the costumes for some of my friends who are coming! I’ve got 3 to do and this is the first one. Its not actually sewn, just artfully pinned until I can fit it on my friend. But even just having done a little bit is quite exciting.

Its just pretending to be done... Trying to lull me into a false sense of security...

I’ve got some boning arriving soon so I will be making an Edwardian corset (thankfully not those awful S shaped one!). I will be using this pattern from Festive Attyre which comes highly recommended. Then I can start on my own dress! 😀 My best friend bought be a beautiful sari for my birthday so I will be using that for the overdress- it has such beautiful detailing!


Shakespearean Costumes

I need to get far better about posting. I did finished the costumes about a month ago but its taken me this long to post about it 😦

The only photos I took of them were of my friend just trying them on for fun and the more elaborate one was about 2 sizes to big for her unfortunately. Seeing them in person however, I was very proud of them and can now call myself a paid costumer! The client was very happy with them and it was great being paid to do something I love!

There is no boning in this as it was only for a school but I did put interlining to stiffen it slightly. Unfortunately on such a skinny model it just makes the bodice look quite poorly constructed!

Where for art thou?

Pouty Peasant

Beer wench!

Victorian Evening Dress Progress

So. Forever and a day ago I posted about creating a Victorian evening gown for a dinner I was attending. For a number of reasons (including a broken sewing machine and bad service) that never happened but I still wanted to complete it. As I’m on my own this weekend hopefully it will be completed. Here is my progress so far!

I used the skirt from a previous post which is a simple circle skirt that I just put into a makeshift bustle. The bodice is going to be more decorated later but right now I’m just focusing on construction!. I didn’t have boning to bone the bodice which I’m now realising is a bit of mistake as that point really should be a bit stiffer. However, I recently stole a cummerbund when I went home to visit my parents and I think adding it really looks quite nice…

Cummerbund version

What do people think? I have some boning being delivered in a few days so could just add some boning channels to the bodice or will the cummerbund suffice?

Corset finished!


Was so proud when this was finished! I wish I had had a little more boning as its not as straight as I would like at the back near the lace ups. Oh well!
The other thing I love is I can now actually fit my dresses on my mannequin instead of trying to explain to my flatmate how fit and mark! I did have to pad my mannequin out just ever so slightly… 😛