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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Sew Your Own Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas and always try and put a lot of effort into it. My family does a fairly elaborate Christmas village under the tree complete with a train set! Unfortunately with my family a little bit AWOL (I’m the most stable person in the family despite being the youngest) we didn’t do it last year. This year however I’m doing it myself before the folks return home with some handy dandy help from my boyfriend!

I also love trying to make Christmas as home made as possible so I’m hand making some ornaments. They’re pretty simplistic but hopefully people will like the rustic look… They were super easy and I’ve been enjoying teaching myself some simple embroidery techniques.

I also have some American relatives coming in and for a couple of them it is their first time outside of America. I wanted to give them a bit of ‘Kiwiana’ so I have made some All Black stockings for them!

It turned out a bit smaller than I wanted but I’m relying on the fact that its ‘the thought that counts’!