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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Victorian Evening

My pretend family!

Last week I had a very fun evening with some friends dressing up. I was the governor’s wife, the governor is pictured arm in arm with myself and our children surround us!

For the costume I used an old corset (I had ripped out the hooks and eyes at the front to thats why it doesn’t hold my tummy in very well!). I have also put on weight since I bought this 😦 so I added a panel in the front and then attached this chiffon part to cover up my modesty. The front was still pretty low, so I spent a lot of the evening with my fan in front of me! The skirt was a simple circle pattern that I actually made for my hoop skirt  for the other victorian evening dress that I’m working on. I just tucked it back under the bodice and popped in a bustle!

My last minute costume

I also had a little steampunk inspired top hat with a feathers and cogs but didn’t get any close up pictures.

Even had a bustle!

A common theme through my posts is how I’m normally rushing with my costumes, and this was no exception! But it all came together quite nicely! Unfortunately though at the end of the night, there was no one to help me out of my corset to I had to cut one of my laces! 😦 Fun times!