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Monthly Archives: September 2011

It’s the Blitz!!!

On Friday night I pinned up my victory rolls and got my lindyhop shoes on because it was time for my 1940s ‘Blitz’ themed ball! I used the Sensibility Swing Dress pattern but made it floor length (something I didn’t end up liking because my seams showed up quite badly). However as long as you kept your eyes above my waist it was fine! The night was a LOT of fun; the venue, music and everyones costumes were amazing!

On the pattern side of things, the yoke was the most difficult part of the dress and I found online instructions (best that is out there) still confusing but I got there in the end!

Sergent Jon and I!

Not such great photos of the actually dress, I’ll have to wait for the photographer to put some up!


Now isn’t this easier…


Trying to break the laws of physics…


Didn’t manage to make it to the fabric store but REALLY wanted to get started so I used a piece from my unfortunately small hoard. But no matter how I tried to fit the pieces (I even got my physics major flatmate to attempt to calculate the optimum positioning!) they just would not go.

Stuck now so hmmmm… Might have to brave a train in torrential rain to get out to the fabric store šŸ˜¦

Upcoming Projects

I think this cute skirt is going to be my next non-costume project. It is so cute and I find this style of skirt to be flattering on just about anyone! (Lets hope I don’t regret my words once I actually make it!)

As my mother would say - "Figure Enhancing"

However I cannot get costumes out of my mind! I’ve got a “Blitz” theme ball coming up next week so I’ve set to work on thisĀ gorgeous pattern from Sensibility. I’m going to try and make it an evening dress so I’m thinking of making it floor length and in some sort of satin-y material. It really depends what my budget can afford when I get to the fabric store!

Small wail here which those of you in Auckland (or anywhere remote) might be able to relate to – why are there no cheap fabric stores in the city!!?? It means I have to borrow my boyfriends car or get a bus for ages. Grrr. Ok. Rant over.

And after that I’m considering doing an Edwardian dress to celebrate the upcoming Downton Abbey season 2 premier. I am VERY excited about this. Anyone who hasn’t watched the show before needs to seriously question their taste levels! I may even try my hand at some milinary as those big hats like the one in my Fair Lady have always got my heart to sing!

I want one!

And last but certainly not least I’m going to create a Victorian Dress. My friend is having a Victorian mystery dinner in December and we’re all dressing up. She is an amazing seamstress and is going to run a series of workshops to create everything from corset to hoops to dress to bonnet. I am itching to get started and am going to buy my pattern this weekend. I can’t decide between Simplicity patterns!

But with a whole lot less detailing on the sleeves


An evening gown

I wish I had readers as it may make my decision making a lot easier!

Will post photos as they come!